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REGISTER for 2024 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska

Registration Deadline May 1, 2024
Buddy Seat Deadline April 15, 2024

To register for the 2024 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska please click on the download link below. Complete the Registration form, Safety Pledge, Waiver Release & Consent forms (all included in the download) and mail the completed forms along with a copy of your tractor insurance and driver's license to the mailing address listed.

Mail To:

NAFA Steven Fisher

PO Box 94

Farnam, NE 69029

TRAN 2024 Safety Rules:

  1. Driver must show proof of a valid driver’s license, obey all traffic laws and follow designated route.

  2. Driver must show proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance on tractor being driven on TRAN.

  3. Mandatory SMV sign and Review Mirror on the tractor.

  4. Drive tractor that can maintain a speed of no less than 12 mph. 

  5. Will not carry extra riders except for approved buddy seats. (see buddy seat requirements)

  6. Will not pull campers or any trailer that would block my view.  No riders in or on trailers.

  7. Do not pass other tractors or engage in any horseplay or racing.

  8. Brakes must be in good repair and operate fully.

  9. Do not have duals on the tractor

  10. Do not have bicycle companions.

  11. You are responsible for your own mechanics and repairs.

  12. Must abide by the decisions of the ride management team in the event of inclement weather or safety concerns.

  13. Must be responsible for any personal and/or property damage caused by my tractor or me.

  14. Optional but highly recommended: Fire extinguishers.

Buddy Seat Requirements: Buddy Seats must be registered no later than April 15, 2024

  1. A minimum of 4 photos of the seat-mounted and bolted to the tractor must be sent to NAFA for approval. Even if the tractor may have a seat for a rider from the factory, it will still need to be approved by NAFA. Pictures can be mailed or emailed to NAFA Safety Director, Fred Petsch --

  2. All Buddy Rider seats must be secured to the tractor beside the driver if possible.  No Buddy Rider will be directly behind the driver unless there is a safety bumper separate from the seat frame.  No Buddy Rider will be ahead of the driver.  Absolutely no Buddy Rider seats mounted directly to the rear straight drawbar only.

  3. The seat must not be rusted out or welded up.

  4. Tractor must have fenders to protect the Buddy Rider from the tractor tires. 

  5. There can be absolutely no interference to the driver’s ability to drive the tractor on the route safely.  This includes tractor steering, clutch, brakes, and vision of the driver.  The driver must have full control of the tractor at all times.  At no time will the Buddy Rider be allowed to have control of the tractor.

  6. All seats must have a secure and safe back support for the rider

  7. A grab handle must be secured to the tractor for the Buddy Rider’s safety during the drive.

  8. Seat belt use is at the sole discretion of the Buddy Rider.

  9. Club officials have the right to deny any Buddy Rider or driver during this event.

  10. Buddy Rider must register and pay membership and drive fees by May 1st, 2024.  By signing the participant form, the Buddy Rider agrees to abide by the above rules.  Failure to comply with these rules will disqualify the individual and the buddy rider from participating in the event.

If the Safety Director & the Board Members deem a tractor and/or operator unsafe while on the drive, they will be asked to discontinue. 


Relay Locations Map

Safety Rules
Buddy Seat
Locations Map
TRAN2024 apparel.png

Donelle Moormier: 402-429-2480

Diane Case: 641-340-3536


Fred Petsch: 402-416-5561

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