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History of Nebraska Antique Farming Association

The following is a report of the founding meeting of the Nebraska Antique Farming Association Nov. 12, 2011 at the offices of Dawson Public Power District in Lexington, NE

Statement of Purpose:

  1. To unite fellow Nebraskans interested in collecting, preserving, and using older farm machinery

  2. To raise awareness of our Agricultural Heritage through the promotion of antique demonstrations, exhibits, and educational endeavors

  3. To be a voice of all Nebraskan Antique Machinery hobbyists through our combined influence and contacts

  4. To be a liaison between the local antique machinery clubs and Legislative bodies on the State and National level

  5. To be an advocate of our collecting and preserving hobby and to work with lawmakers in guiding them to make decisions that would be in the best interest of all

  6. To work with all local clubs and groups hosting events to ensure success and wider participation

Tractor Relay Across Nebraska:

The founding board members decided to have a “Tractor Relay Across Nebraska” following the theme of the Pony Express. The event would start on June 2 and end June 10, 2012. The relay will start on the eastern side of Nebraska and continue to the western border following highways 34, 30, and 26. There will be 9 segments of the ride of one day per segment.


All Nebraska collectors were encouraged to come along and participate in your area. Segments will be set up so you can drive all or part of it. However far you want to drive. Events will be planned along the way. Meal stops and break stops with the public invited to come out and see the tractors as they pass through.


Founding Board of Directors:


  • Duane Starr

  • Don Nelson

  • Jim Russell

  • Gary L. Metzger

  • Bill Booker

  • Jim Nelson

  • Gene Rewolinski

  • Gaylord Jensen

  • Jack R. Preston, Chairman

  • Howard Raymond, Secretary


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