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Operation Comfort Warriors | Gifts for Yanks Who Gave

The Nebraska Antique Farming Association has been proud to be able to raise thousands of dollars each year during our relay for Operation Comfort Warriors. In 2022 we started taking donations for OCW and another Legion program “Gifts for Yanks”. We will split the donations 50/50 with each program.  You may donate when you register for the relay or give along the relay at our various stops.


What is "Operation Comfort Warriors"?

Operation Comfort Warriors is a program dedicated to meeting the needs of wounded, injured, or ill military personnel by providing them with comfort items not usually supplied by the government. OCW ensures that patients at U.S. military hospitals and warrior transition units are given items like sweat suits, DVDs, puzzles, electronic devices, books, calling cards, and more. OCW also provides larger items such as ping pong tables, entertainment centers, computers, kayaks, and other recreational goods for use by wounded warriors in common areas.

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What is “Gifts for Yanks”?
“Gifts for Yanks” was started in the 1930’s by the Nebraska American Legion. Its purpose was to ensure every veteran, and/or spouse, residing in either a VA medical facility or State Veteran’s Home was provided a monetary gift during the holiday season. For over 80 years the Nebraska American Legion Family has been continuing the mission of sharing some cheer and comradery with the veterans and spouses who are residing in these facilities.

How is “Gifts for Yanks” funded?
On average, the “Gifts for Yanks” program requires about $18,000 in donations annually to ensure each resident in a VA medical facility or State Veteran’s Home receives a little “holiday cheer”. Most of the donations come from American Legion Posts, Units, Squadrons, and Chapters throughout Nebraska. Donations are also received from private citizens.

How it Works
Members of The Nebraska American Legion Family travel to the Nebraska-based facilities to present the veteran $20 and the spouse residing in the facility with $15. They also receive a Nebraska American Legion calendar.

What facilities are served?
Four Veterans homes in Nebraska located in Bellevue, Norfolk, Kearney, and Scottsbluff. Two VA medical facilities located in Grand Island and Omaha. Two regional centers located in Norfolk and Lincoln that house and offer services to veterans. Additionally, there is one Veterans Home in Cheyenne, WY, and one Veterans Medical Center in Hot Springs, SD that receive funding for a Christmas party for its residents. These two facilities receive funding because Legion Family members that live in western Nebraska receive care or volunteer their services at their facilities.

How you can help
If you have questions or would like more information you can contact the Nebraska Department Adjutant Dave Salak at or 402-464-6338.

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