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Day One: Saturday, May 31, 2014 Nebraska City to Tecumseh

Dan & Doris Marsh are our segment leaders for 34 miles today. A hearty breakfast was served at Mary’s Café in Nebraska City. This is the first year we have decided to drive for a cause “Operation Comfort Warriors”. We are very proud to be making donations to this cause as 100% of the donations go to veterans and their families, there are no administration costs.


NAFA presented $1020 to Operation Comfort Warriors Assistant Director James Ellison from registration contributions.

2014 Start.jpg

Toured Kregel Windmill Factory Museum, drove past the Golden Living and Ambassador assisted living/nursing homes and onto Auburn for lunch at the Legion. We took an afternoon break at the intersection of 105/67, where we visited and waited for parts delivered by a farm wife! All of us farm wives know that we are “designated part runners”!


We arrived in Tecumseh around 4:30, greeted by Mayor Bill Montz and the American Legion Post #2. We drove past the Ridgeview Assisted Living and the Belle Terrace Nursing home before we landed at the city for a dinner served by the Filley Tavern. The meal was a free meal due to donations from local businesses. About a dozen drivers shuttled back to Nebraska City after dinner to pick up their trailers, campers and pickups.

Day Two: Sunday, June 1, 2014 Tecumseh to Beatrice

Ron & Donelle Moormeier were segment leaders for our 33 mile drive today. Homemade cinnamon rolls were served by the Tecumseh American Legion Post #2. Twenty Eight drivers started out at 8:45 and 17 more drivers from the Deer Creek Sod Busters club joined us in Crab Orchard.


Lunch of ½ BBQ chicken, potato salad, baked beans was served at the Filley Tavern. After lunch, we traveled 4 miles to the Filley Stone Barn for a history presentation by Lesa from the Gage County Historical Society.

2014 Group Day 2.jpg

The beautiful weather of the day was starting to change by the time we reached the east side of Beatrice. For the safety of the drivers, we did not stop at the Gage County Historical Society or the Educational Center at the Homestead National Monument.


We made our final destination of the Heritage Center at the Homestead National Monument a couple of hours early, but only 30 minutes before a torrential rain storm came through. Entertainment was provided by the salt Creek Symphony and supper of BBQ Pork and Beef, chips, salad, drinks, and ice cream were provided free due to local business donations.

Day Three: Monday, June 2, 2014 Beatrice to Hebron

Ron & Donelle Moormeier were segment leaders again today with 52 miles to travel. The Friends of Homestead National Monument provided us with rolls and coffee for breakfast.


We left the Homestead National Monument at 8:15 and traveled to Classic Dairy for a tour. The next stop was Melvin Weers John Deere collection near Diller. We traveled the PWF road into Fairbury for lunch on your own at Wally’s.


After our late lunch we traveled towards Gilead around 2:00 p.m. We had refreshments served by the Chamber of Gilead. Gilead is a small town but they have a lot of heart!


We were running a little late arriving in Hebron around 5:30. We were escorted by the Hebron Fire Department through town past the Blue Valley Assisted Living and Nursing home and ended up at the park at the “World’s Largest Swing”.


Supper was served by the Fire Department and entertainment was provided by several people from the community.

2014 Group Day 3.jpg
2014 Tractors Day 3.jpg

Day Four: Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Hebron to Red Cloud

Rich & Donna Wilton along with Skip & Carol Meyer are segment leaders with 55 miles today. We all gathered at the World’s Largest Swing and had donuts and coffee provided by the First Department.


We drove past the care facilities in Hebron as we left and as we arrived in Deshler we drove past the nursing and assisted living facilities also. We toured Reinke Irrigation, who were celebrating their 60 year anniversary.


We arrived in Ruskin around 11:00 and one-half of the group ate at the Broken Spoke and the other half toured Tub Drohman’s Massey Museum – then we switched! We took a break at Salem Lutheran Church for refreshments. We took a short break at Guide Rock and then traveled to the Round Barn, 5 miles from Red Cloud. The Round Barn is thought to be the largest in the United States.


We were served homemade brats by Legion Post #238 from Red Loud and Legion Post #116 from Cowles. Both posts presented us with $100 donation to OCW. A few members of the drive spent the evening at the Willa Cather Second Home.

2014 Donation Day 4.jpg

Day Five: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Red Cloud to Alma

John Howsden and Larry Holmberg were our segment leaders with 58 miles and 24 drivers. We had donuts and coffee provided by Oregon Trail and then headed south on the river road, first stopping at Eckhardt’s Landing and then on to Franklin.


The Franklin Chamber of Commerce provided hamburgers, beans, chips, and dessert. We took a break at the Nowhere Bar in Naponee. We arrived at the Harlan County Dam around 3:00, drove around the dam and into Alma at 4:30.


The community was invited to the evening meal at the city park provided by the Legion Post #118. After the meal we were presented with a $450 check from the Legion Post in Alma.


The total we have collected so far while driving for OCW is $1275. That combined with registration donations of $1025 totals $1850.00.


We had a vet’s wife tell us “thanks, you don’t know how much this is appreciated!”

2014 Tractors Day 5.jpg
2014 Group Day 5.jpg
2014 Drivers Day 5.jpg

Day Six: Thursday, June 5, 2014 Alma to Arapahoe

Gary Metzger and Joe Gangwish were our segment leaders with 12 drivers. It was a cool morning, so jackets were worn, however by lunch time the clouds had lifted and the sun was out.


We left Alma at 8:45 and as we drove into Orleans we passed the cemetery where the Legion had put out their flags for us – it was a beautiful sight. We had a morning break at the Orleans Park with some cookies and drinks. For a small town they had a beautiful park!


We took the scenic route along the river to Oxford where we had lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs served by the Arapahoe Christian Church Youth Group. The youth group also served our dinner in Arapahoe at the church.


We took a break at Edison at the Community building and as we arrived in Arapahoe we drove past the Good Sam’s nursing and assisted living home. Because we arrived early, those that were shuttling headed back to Alma with the church van, and got their vehicles before supper. For the evening all tractors parked at the Landmark John Deere Dealership.

2014 Group Day 6.jpg
2014 RH Day 6.jpg

Day Seven: Friday, June 6, 2014 Arapahoe to McCook

Randy Edson was our segment leader today traveling 59 miles. Landmark provided us with donuts, coffee, and juice for breakfast. We left Arapahoe around 8:30 and stopped at Holbrook at the Ag Valley Station.


We traveled to Cambridge and stopped at the Anew Truck Stop for fuel and a break. We then toured the Cambridge Museum in Cambridge and drove through the care facility as we left around 11:15.


We arrived at Bartley for lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs provided by Ag Valley Coop. After lunch, we drove to Indianola where we stopped at Shaffer Manufacturing for a break and toured Bob McConville’s car & tractor museum.


We arrived in McCook and drove through the Willow Ridge Village and Hyland Park before ending up at the Norris City Park. The McCook community came together for dinner and we were to enjoy some entertainment but, a storm rolled in and we had to leave. However, we received a $1,000 check from a donor for OCW before we left. Just think what we might have raised if it had not rained!

Day Eight: Saturday, June 7, 2014 McCook to Benkelman

Bob Golding is our segment leader today with 23 tractors. We had breakfast at the Fuller Family Restaurant in McCook, sponsored by the McCook National Bank. We left McCook at 8:30 and stopped at Culbertson at the Hillside Perk for a break.


At 9:30 we continued west to Trenton and stopped at the El Dorado Manor to visit with residents. Leaving the home we drove across the Trenton Dam, which was a beautiful site. We stopped for lunch at North Shore Marina which was sponsored by the Southwest Fertilizer in Trenton.


In the afternoon we stopped at Pitner Park in Stratton for cookies and iced tea. The Ladies Auxiliary presented us with a $200 check for the OCW. At 2:30 we left for Max, had a short break and then on to Benkelman.


We checked out Jim Russell’s collection of antique tractors and then headed to the Legion for supper. We had some burgers, salads, and dessert along with entertainment.


The American Legion Magazine representatives, Henry and Lucas, had been traveling with us for a couple of days, but needed to move on to their next assignment.


We did a tally of all of our donations to date and we had over $4,000 for them to report.

2014 Group Day 7.jpg
2014 Donation Day 7.jpg

Day Nine: Sunday, June 8, 2014 Benkelman to Haigler

Jim Russell is our segment leader with 23 tractors making their way to the 3 state corner marker today. Breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes provide by the Benkelman Chamber of Commerce was held at the Ward Bond Memorial Park.


At 8:00 we traveled the very scenic route to the State Lakes Park recreation area for a break. We left the park and had another scenic drive to the Sage Hill Winery where we enjoyed a little wine tasting and lunch of bratwurst and sauerkraut and salads.


After lunch we drove to Parks and then on to Haigler where we stopped at the American Legion to have cookies and cool drinks. We toured the museums in Haigler and then traveled out to the 3 state corners around 3:00 p.m.


In Haigler we were actually two miles from the Kansas line and 7 miles from the Colorado line. We literally took a “cow path” to the markers. We drove across the pipe cattle crossing and did not see another road for about 10 miles. The cattle were all excited to see us!


We carefully made our way to the 3 State marker and took pictures. When we left we took an actual road back to Haigler, driving a few miles in Kansas and Colorado before returning to Nebraska. Once back in Haigler we had dinner provided by Steiner Tractor Parts. A total of $4300 was raised for OCW.

2014 Group Day 8.jpg
2014 Sign Day 4.jpg
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