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We had to cut our usual 9-day trip down to 3 days this year because of the devastating floods that occurred earlier this spring on and around the route that we planned on taking this year. We decided early on that we wanted to have a shortened version as to not disappoint our drivers.


Day One:

Thursday, June 6th was the first day of TRAN 2019. We shuttled ahead to Syracuse from Mid States Showgrounds around 7:30, got back to the grounds around 9:00 a.m. We had a drivers meeting at 9:45 and left for SAC Museum at 10:00.


As we headed out Galen Erisman, who is here all the way from Kentucky, had some trouble with his JD. It wasn't going up to speed so when we arrived at SAC all the John Deere guys crowded round and figured out there was a wire loose and he was hitting on one cylinder. The rest of the day Galen didn't have any problems.

We toured SAC and we had a box lunch which was partially sponsored by Steiner Tractor Parts. Steiner also provides giveaways for the group. We have to thank ALL the sponsors and those that provide us meals along the drive. If it wasn't for those people the drive would be impossible. Just so happens that we had a gal that used to live in Cortland who made our lunches and served. We had delicious turkey or ham sandwiches, or veggie wraps with chips, macaroni salad, and chips.

We took a group picture before we left SAC museum at 1:30. We didn't get too far from the museum when there were some more tractor troubles. We had to stop and load a carrier and we stopped to load a tractor.

We stopped at the Cenex in Elmwood for a break at about 3:40. They had some soft serve ice cream that was delicious! Left Cenex at 4:10. Had some trouble with Doug Kuester's Super M as we left Elmwood and Fred Petsch ended up pulling Doug most of the way into Syracuse. In the meantime we had Sandy run to get parts.

We got into Syracuse around 6:30 and had a meal courtesy of Keim Farm Equipment, Stutheit Implement, and Kan Equip Inc. The American Legion and the Boy Scouts served the meal. The burgers must have been 1/2 pounders!! The food was delicious and we all waddled away!

As usual, there were a few people that congregated around our trailer to discuss the day's events, visit with each other about their tractors and what purchase or restore they were doing next. Most generally there is only one topic that is off-limits and that is politics!

Day Two:

June 7th, 2019. We started out the morning shuttling ahead at 5:30 to Brownville. It took a little longer than usual as there were quite a number of vehicles. Breakfast was served by the Syracuse American Legion serving cinnamon rolls, glazed donuts, tang and coffee. Drivers returned by 8:00 a.m, drivers meeting at 8:15 and left for Talmage at 8:30. 

We have raised $1353.00 for OCW since we started yesterday morning. For those of you that don't know, Operation Comfort Warriors is an American Legion program that was started in 2009. ALL the proceeds, yes that is 100%, of the proceeds, go to the Vets and their families for things that the government does not supply. It is a grant type program, you can check it out on the American Legion's website.

It was a beautiful day in the mid 70's sunshine and breezy. We reached Talmage for a break at the American Legion Building of glazed donuts, coffee, and water. As we neared Coryell Park Lawrence Reimer had an issue with his tractor going up a hill, his gas was low and as he rolled back down the hill he was able to get the tractor started and into Coryell Park where he had some gas in the pickup.


As Diane Case turned into the parking lot at Coryell the wheel bearing went, the spindle broke and the wheel flew off her tractor. Charlie was watching after Diane cause things could have gone so much worse After a wonderful boxed lunch provided by Roger and Kathy Sanders, Fred and Diane drove to get Diane's pickup and trailer at Brownville and returned to Coryell Park. With the assistance of a JD and a loader from a farmer and all the assistance of the tractor drivers, they were able to load Diane's tractor onto her trailer. Parts were ordered and should be in Beatrice by 9:00 a.m.

We left Coryell Park around 2:00 and arrived in Brownville by 4:30. Because of the flood, we were unable to have the dinner cruise on the Spirit of Brownville, so instead the owner of the Spirit catered dinner of ham/chicken/scalloped potatoes, salad, brownies/ roll, and butter at the town hall.
Everyone enjoyed the town shops and the winery for the evening. OCW total for the trip is $1590.00.

Day Three:
(More to Come)


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