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2022 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska

The 2022 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska (TRAN) will be touring the northeastern part of Nebraska. Starting the first day in Hartington, NE and ending the last day in West Point, NE. During the relay, we will be taking donations for American Legion programs Operation Comfort Warriors and Gifts for Yanks.

Registration Deadline May 1, 2022


Click the button above to download the 2022 TRAN daily schedule of events.  This document contains information about the stops, lunches and turn-by-turn directions for each day's drive. It is recommended to download and print a copy of this document to have with you on the drive.

Click the button above to download maps and time schedules for the stops on each day of the drive.


Breakfast will be on your own each morning. Meals are sometimes free, free will donation, or a fixed price. Cost of meals are on the final schedule you receive prior to the drive and will be payable at the location of the meals.

2022 General Information call:

Relay Coordinator: Donelle Moormeier 402-429-2480;

Safety Officer: Fred Petsch 402-416-5561;

NAFA Secretary: Donna Wilton 402-469-4455;

Accounts Receivable Treasurer: Steven Fisher 308-536-6076

June 4th

Hartington, NE to South Sioux City, NE

JUne 5th

South Sioux City, NE, Church Service, Short Drive 

JUne 6th

South Sioux City to Wayne, NE

JUne 7th

Wayne, NE to Pender, NE

JUne 8th

Pender, NE to West Point, NE


Donelle Moormier: 402-429-2480


Fred Petsch: 402-416-5561

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